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Therapy Development - Classes of Therapies

Following are the various treatments for Parkinsonís disease currently being studied in the scientific community. Clicking on the links (blue text) will take you to pages that summarize how each specific therapy works and is administered, as well as its potential benefits and risks.
A2A  adenosine receptor agonist  
A2A  adenosine receptor antagonist  
ACE Inhibitor  
Adenosine receptor agonist  
Adenosine receptor antagonist  
Adrenergic receptor antagonist  
Adult stem cells See: Cell transplantation
Alpha-2 adrenergic antagonist  
Alpha-synuclein inhibitor See: Gene therapy
AMPA Receptor (glutamate) antagonist See: Glutamate blocker
Antineurodegenerative agent See: Neuroprotective factor
Anti Inflammatory Agent  
Calcium channel modulator  
Cell Transplantation  
Dopamine D1 receptor agonists
Dopamine D1  agonist
Dopamine D2  agonist
Dopamine D2 partial agonist/5HT1A agonist
See: Dopamine agonist
Dopamine agonist  
Embryonic stem cells See: Cell transplantation
5HT2A/C receptor inverse agonist See: Serotonin receptor blocker
GAD gene therapy See: Gene therapy
Gene therapy  
Glutamate blocker  
Hedgehog pathway agonist  
Kinase apoptosis inhibitor See: Kinases inhibitor
Kinases inhibitor  
Medicinal plant  
Monoamine oxidase type B (MAO-B) inhibitor  
Monoamine reuptake blocker  
Neuroimmunophilin ligand  
Neuroprotective factor  
Nerve Growth Factor  
NMDA agonist  
NSAID See: Anti-Inflammatory Agent
PARP Inhibitor  
Retinal pigmented epithelial (RPE) cell See: Cell transplantation
Rnai  (RNA interference) technology See: Gene therapy
Selective agonist of serotonin 5-HT1A receptors See: Serotonin receptor agonist
Serotonin receptor agonist  
Serotonin receptor blocker  
Small molecule Hedgehog pathway agonist See : Hedgehog pathway agonist
Sodium channel blocker  
Stem cells See: Cell transplantation

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