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What is the Pipeline Project?

The Parkinson Pipeline Project is a grassroots group of advocates whose goal is to provide the patient perspective in the treatment development process.  Through education, consultation, and participation with all stakeholders - including industry and the FDA - the Parkinson Pipeline Project hopes to increase clinical trial participation and accelerate approved treatment options.  New PD treatments are followed from pre-clinical development to approval in the PD Pipeline Database found on our website. More

"The missing ingredient in the development of new therapies is the voice of the patient." Perry D Cohen, Project Director

Webinars 29th November 2012 and 31st January 2013 being run by Parkinson's Movement, an initiative of The Cure Parkinson's Trust.  Click here to see details.


The Sham Wall

In the past decade, sham-controlled have dashed hopes for all but a few surgical treatments for Parkinson's disease.

Experimental therapies for Parkinson's disease: Why fake it?

Published online 10 August 2011 |
Nature 476, 142-144 (2011) | doi:10.1038/476142a
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Parkinson's Disease Clinical Trials: Square Pegs in Round Holes?

Poster presented  by the Parkinson Pipeline Project at the 2009 American Society for Experimental Neurotherapeutics (ASENT) Conference

Poster Update, Nov, 2009

GDNF as a Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

Translational Research as of June 2011

Prepared by: Linda Herman, Therapies Coordinator

  • Pump infusion

  • Gene Therapy

  • Encapsulated GDNF Producing Cells

  • Intravenous  GDNF Gene Therapy of Experimental PD (AGT 190)

  • Oral delivery of GDNF

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"Keep the sham surgery debate
alive with facts and analysis."

Presentation made by
Perry Cohen, Ph.D., Project Director:

Sham Neurosurgical Procedures in Clinical Trials:  Patient Activists’ Perspectives
June 30 and July 1, 2010
View presentation slides

Patient testimonies:
Peggy Willocks, Joel Haverman, Wilson DeCamp

View Video Day 1

View Video Day 2


Report on New PWP Survey on SHAM SURGERY in Parkinson’s Clinical Research 

Read the survey results.


The Parkinson Pipeline Project is supported by the Parkinson's Disease Foundation (PDF), a 501(c)3 Corporation headquartered in New York City.

PDF - The Parkinson’s Foundation

Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

Fox Trial Finder

Fox Trial Finder is a simple solution to connect willing volunteers with the Parkinson’s disease (PD) clinical trials and studies that urgently need them, streamlining the flow of participants into studies and speeding progress toward therapeutic breakthroughs.

PDtrials is a collaborative initiative of Parkinson’s organizations dedicated to increasing education and awareness about clinical research.


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