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Parkinson Pipeline Project
Strategic Plan


To represent the voice of the patient to industry, government regulators, and researchers with the goal of advancing therapies for and awareness of Parkinson’s disease.


Empowering Community…Accelerating Therapies

The Parkinson Pipeline Project (PPP) charts a course and leads the way for People With Parkinson's (PWP) to take active roles in expanding treatment options for today’s patients.

Core Values

  • Positive reputation and integrity.

  • Grassroots action as a source of power.

  • Positive relationships and collaboration.

  • Passion and commitment to cause.

  • Widespread community Involvement.

  • Persistence and rationality as operating style.


  • Provide a knowledgeable voice for the views of patients in new therapy development.

  • Promote policies that accelerate safer, more effective treatments.

  • Provide trial sponsors and government regulators with the patient perspective on the design and execution of clinical studies.

  • Increase patient awareness of and participation in clinical trials.

  • Track progress of new and emerging therapies moving through the development pipeline.

  • Advocate for a trial participants’ bill of rights.

  • Educate stakeholders about the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approval process and translational research funding

  • Serve as a grassroots watchdog for promising therapies.

  • Be valued for the knowledge and skills we bring to the table.

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