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What is The Parkinson Pipeline Project?

  • Promotes policies that accelerate the evaluation, approval of safe, effective, and timely new treatments for PD by providing the unique patient perspectives to industry sponsors and investors, clinical scientists, and government regulatory agencies.

  • Maintains a comprehensive database of information that may affect ultimate approval and marketing of new therapies including research findings from laboratory studies, animal testing, and human clinical trials, as well as relevant financial and strategic business information about sponsors.

  • Tracks the progress of new therapies and diagnostics as they move through sponsors' pipelines, and informs the PD community and the public about hopeful steps toward better treatments and cures.

  • Recruits, trains, provides peer supervision, and up-to-date information on the views of grass roots opinion leaders and clinical trial participants for a cadre of well informed PD patient consultants to represent authentic patient interests in the regulatory processes of the FDA in cooperation with the FDA's Office of Special Health Issues.

  • Increases medical provider and patient awareness of and participation in clinical trials through outreach, education, and peer counseling.

  • Advocates for the rights of clinical trial participants in relation to sponsors as well as researchers and offers participants the confidence of peer support to address grievances with researchers or sponsors.

  • Strategic Plan of the Parkinson Pipeline Project

Pipeline Team

Coordinating Staff

FDA Patient Consultant for PD
Virginia, USA
Diagnosed with PD January, 2005
Perry Cohen, Ph.D.
District of Columbia, USA
Diagnosed with PD May, 1996
  Tony Jedlinski, B.S.
Database Developer
Illinois, USA
  Ken Cater
Research Partner, University of Alabama Medical Center
Alabama, USA
Peggy Willocks, M.Ed.
Volunteer Coordinator

Tennessee, USA
Diagnosed with PD 1994

Wilson DeCamp Paula Wittekind, M. Ed.
Advocacy Coordinator

Florida, USA
Diagnosed with PD 1992

Linda Herman, M.L.S.
Therapies Coordinator

New York State, USA
Diagnosed with PD December, 1995

Carolyn Stephenson
Web Administration
Pennsylvania, USA
Diagnosed with PD October, 1994

Community Involvement and Recognition

Contributing Staff

Arnold M. Kuzmack, Ph.D.

Cindy Gilbertson. M.S.W.
New York State

Stan Planton

Kathleen Cochran, M.S., M.Ed.
New York State


** In Memory of Murray Charters **

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